4 Home Improvement ideas to beat the winter blues

Add a splash of colour

Combat the dingy grey hues of winter by redecorating your house. Pick up a paintbrush and create a stylish accent wall in on-trend yellows, blushing pinks or wistful blues. Alternatively, transform your entire space with soothing pastel tones. Invest in complementary accessories, such as rugs, cushions and cosy throws to make your home a warm and comfortable space to wait out the winter.

Light it all up

Lighting has the ability to completely transform a space. Flickering candles and lamps softened by dimmer switches can create a cosy atmosphere; perfect for spending quality time with friends and family. Scented candles also have the added benefit of filling your home with the spicy scents of winter. What’s not to love?

Lock-in the heat with new windows

Nothing transforms a space like a new set of double-glazed windows. Not only do they give your home a contemporary update, but they also maximise natural light; a must during the dark and dingy winter months. Replacement windows bring the added benefit of reducing draughts and improving the energy efficiency of your home. The result? A warm and comfortable space, without a sky-high heating bill.

Invest in new doors

Updating your front door can transform both the exterior and interior of your property. Composite doors are available in a range of styles and textures to complement your taste and the existing décor of your home.

There are many additional benefits to changing your doors; including minimising heat-loss and enhancing security. Household thefts are estimated to increase by approximately 20% during winter, so investing in a secure door with multi-point locking systems is an important way to protect you and your home against crime. At Tyneside Home Improvements, this improved security comes as standard on all our uPVC doors, with anti-bump and anti-snap options also available.

There’s no need for winter to be a total washout. Make the most of the season and invest in your home; transforming a tired property into a contemporary space to curl up on crisp winter mornings and enjoy cosy evenings with friends and family.

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