The benefits of a hybrid orangery

Are you in desperate need of some extra space in your house? A hybrid orangery might be solution for you.  

Hybrid orangeries are the multifunctional and versatile home extension, incorporating the modern appearance of a conservatory and the reassuring structure of a traditional orangery. With glass sides and ceiling and the structured brick pillars frame, hybrid orangeries give you the best of both worlds.

Hybrid orangeries incorporate the benefits of orangeries and conservatories

The structured support of an orangery provides the look and feel of a traditional orangery with its strength, support, durability and insulation, using energy-efficient materials. The roof and some of walls are glass letting maximum light in the extension, compared to normal orangeries.

Hybrid Orangeries are fantastic customizable space

With a range of fits and styles, modern orangeries are built to perfectly complement the style of any exterior, adding extra living space that seamlessly blends to enhance the aesthetics and value of your house.

Because hybrid orangeries have many different features, such as solid walls, there is plenty of scope to make it unique to your home, such as colour and finish. With lots of external and internal options to choose from, the opportunities to let your creativity flow are numerous.


To ensure your new space seamlessly blends with the way your current home looks, you can have a traditional white or cream colours or go a bit more extravagant, using modern colours like grey and black.

Windows and doors

Furthermore, you can customize your orangery with contemporary or more traditional window styles and with a number of different door options, such as patio, bi-fold or French doors.


A hybrid orangery can play any role in your house, from an integrated family room providing entertaining space or stunning dining room all your friends would envy. You can customize it in any way you want.

Hybrid orangeries are a cost-effective way for getting a stunning extra living space

An orangery costs less than building an extension and typically doesn’t require any planning permissions or building regulations.

Providing the looks and feel of a traditional orangery, hybrid orangeries have grown in popularity because of their great low prices making them a very cost-effective way of improving your home’s appearance and value.

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