Get up to 30% off a new conservatory roof replacement
Keep your house warm and eliminate draughts with our extensive range of windows.
Expand your living space with a bright and airy conservatory extension. Get up to 30% off a new conservatory
Discover our range of doors to create the perfect dream home look.
Get up to 30% off a stunning orangery with a modern feel and contemporary twist
From block paving, resin drives to patios, transform your outdoor space with Tyneside Home Improvements.
Make the most of a low maintenance garden, get up to 30% off artificial grass
A house roof from us will give you peace of mind and great value for money, as well as ensuring your home is warm, secure and water resistant.
Aluminium windows give high strength and durability. The thin frames have a sleek appearance to allow more light into your home. 

Affordable Home Improvements South Shields

At Tyneside Home Improvements , we are a local home improvements company serving South Shields and the North East. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we offer a range of home improvement services from new double glazing and conservatories to double house extensions and new roof installations.

You can rely on Tyneside Home Improvements to meet your needs professionally and respectfully. All our staff are very experienced and fully qualified to ensure all our work is completed to the highest standard.

We focus on providing quality products at fair and competitive prices. We go the extra mile to provide the very best customer service before, during and after your home improvement.

Looking for a conservatory roof replacement, new windows, a roof repair or a new conservatory in South Shields? Get a free no obligation quote today.

If you are looking for a high quality, yet affordable Home Improvement provider in South Shields, please get in touch.


Enhance both your South Shields property and its value with new aluminium windows fromTyneside Home Improvements

Aluminium Windows South Shields

We want the finished look to be just as you imagined, in the right amount of time and at the right price. Welcome the Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields team of installers who pay attention to the small details. Our experts have the right know-how and experience to provide advice and support at every step.

Aluminium windows with high performance are suitable as replacement windows or in new builds. For peace of mind, the right level of security and thermal energy efficiency standard glazing, you are assured quality products. Every South Shields area customer order is bespoke. We finish aluminium windows in any colour, or even one colour on the outside and a different colour inside. Take a closer look at the options available to you.


UPVC Windows South Shields

Consider all the Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields UPVC windows. Each UPVC window is meticulously manufactured with only the most advanced frames to provide optimum reliability and safeguarding. Let as much light into your South Shields area home to ensure a bright outlook and expansive views.

Our South Shields UPVC double glazed windows are crafted for you. Perhaps choose a simple and beautiful contemporary look or a full sculptured frame traditional look - two of the perfect UPVC window options available from our South Shields experts. Each of your new UPVC windows is built to ensure as much heat is retained in your South Shields home when you need it most. The expert engineering that goes into each frame also offers you ventilation options as well. Our entire South Shields UPVC windows range comes with manufacturer materials guarantees.


So, take a moment to look further at Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields Aluminium and uPVC windows. Get in contact with us for your windows advice.


Carefully chosen range of composite, bi-fold and patio door products from Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields

Composite Doors South Shields

At Tyneside Home Improvements we install lots of new doors throughout the South Shields area. The range of composite doors available from us is carefully chosen to offer you the very best in great looks, durability, security and peace of mind. Tyneside Home Improvements know that South Shields area customers want to be able to choose from the best range of colour choices. Tyneside Home Improvements composite doors products are essential for the most selective homeowners. Each of the doors we have installed has excellent curb appeal. You’ll know that your local South Shields area best and know that new composite front door definitely stands out.

Whether you’re thinking about changing your existing doors or adding an extension, our expert South Shields installers can show you examples of recent local work. Learn more about how the award-winning Tyneside Home Improvements can help you. Take away the stress of your home improvements project when you get to know more about our composite door product options.

Bi-fold Doors South Shields

Durable reinforced aluminium is a lasting material. Add a contemporary powder finish, quality folding mechanism, secure locks and perfect casements, and you have a bi-fold door that is just perfect for you. Tyneside Home Improvements installers fit bespoke doors to your design, size, colour and choice of accessories.

Are you planning to open up a view to your outside space with your new bi-fold doors? Some customers choose to add additional side curtain panels to maintain the cost of bespoke door manufacture. Customers comment that a slightly smaller opening bi-fold is a better option for slightly cooler days. However you decide to keep the draughts out and warmth in, you are assured of energy savings with the insulation that modern glazing panels provide. Talk about your unique requirements with the South Shields team. Explore each possibility and all the options available before you decide.

French Patio Doors South Shields

A modern, well-fitted French patio door is the popular choice for stylish conservatory doorway and other doors that lead to your outside spaces. They are available from Tyneside Home Improvements throughout South Shields and surrounding areas.

We’ll help you to decide how your French patio doors will fit and operate. Perhaps inward opening patio doors will look best if you have the interior space. Outward opening doors will need to latch in place for safety. You can choose single or double handle operation. The multi-point shoot bolt locking mechanisms provide extra security. And perhaps you want to consider low threshold frames. There are many frame profile choices, from slim, elegant frames to heavier set frames that might match your traditional windows. Perhaps you want a wood effect finish to provide the look of your other solid timbers? Ask Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields experts about all the different finishes and colour options.

If you are an South Shields area homeowner or you live in any surrounding area, get in touch with South Shields Tyneside Home Improvements . The composite, bi-fold patio doors, French doors or sliding doors are all available throughout the South Shields area.


Add a modern bright and airy conservatory for extra living space to make you smile. Design a bespoke and unique conservatory that is stylish and versatile. Tailor your space to your individual needs to use your conservatory for many years to come. We have installed many conservatories in the South Shields area for over a decade. Our customers know that a new conservatory provides the extra living space they need without having to move. And a conservatory is an affordable alternative to building house extensions.

The Tyneside Home Improvements team from South Shields work on the plans for your new conservatory with you. With our know-how and expertise, designing your conservatory has never been simpler! Ask for advice and have a chat about your conservatory to ensure that you make all the right choices.

You could start by thinking about the style of doors you prefer. Each method has different advantages. Bi-folding doors on a conservatory give unrestricted views to the outside space. Patio sliding doors and French opening doors are a more traditional choice. Often customers prefer simpler designs for the smaller doorway spaces.

Have you perhaps already thought about the colour frames that are most appropriate for your property? Our customers throughout South Shields know that we install many materials, colours and finishes. Perhaps you want to match neighbouring properties or opt for an entirely different look.

Security is always vital for every door and window in your conservatory space. The Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields team will make careful note of the door locking systems and the number of window openers you want.

Also plan your preferred conservatory heating, lighting and number of electricity points. The right conservatory lighting provides a lovely ambience as the sun sets on the horizon. Consider how much privacy your conservatory needs in your South Shields neighbourhood and whether you need to seek planning permission. Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields team can help.

Your new conservatory is a rewarding investment. Our customer knows that conservatories not only provide extra living space but will also make your property more attractive for potential buyers.

Whether you're looking to sell your home or stay for many more years, you want your conservatory to look stunning. Choose the style you love best whether you have space against a wall for a lean-to design or you want an Edwardian conservatory layout. Every Tyneside Home Improvements conservatory throughout South Shields come with a choice of doors, windows, roofs, brickwork sections, and other decorative features. You create a completely bespoke conservatory to match your home in South Shields completely.

Whether you opt to use your conservatory as a contemporary living room, a working-from-home office area or a kitchen diner extension for your whole family, Tyneside Home Improvements complete the installation of your conservatory to meet your exact needs.

If you live in any area in South Shields, let the expert conservatory services team at Tyneside Home Improvements help you to build a dream conservatory for your home!


Beautiful orangeries from Tyneside Home Improvements add extra living space to blend enhanced looks seamlessly. Choose the style and additional value for your South Shields area home.

Orangeries are an ideal alternative to a conventional extension for your South Shields home. A wonderfully light and airy space can be useful for you throughout the year. Add an orangery to provide the extra room you always imagined immediately.

Think about the orangery you would like by bringing your ideas to us. The Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields team are more than happy to talk about all your favourite orangeries. Take some rough measurements or perhaps photograph your South Shields area home and garden. We can draw up some plans for you. Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields provide a free design and quotation service.

One of the Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields experts can visit you at home to take detailed orangery measurements. Your orangery design plans will confirm the position of your doors, choice of doors style, number of opening windows and window casement style.

We can plan every detail from digging the foundations to fitting the roof and finishing your orangery interior. The steps to complete your orangery are scheduled for you so that you know what to expect.

Adding an orangery is much less disruptive than building a typical home extension. Award-winning Tyneside Home Improvements have many satisfied stress-free customers.

Orangeries that we install throughout South Shields tend to have more brickwork than traditional conservatories. They might have a semi-solid roof with glass top. Blend the features with your South Shields property to create a luxury feel.

With a wide range of orangeries designs to choose from, we'll build you a modern orangery to perfectly complement your South Shields house.

We build hundreds of bespoke orangeries in South Shields and throughout the North East. Create a pleasant living space with lots of natural light.

There is a wide range of orangery styles that you can choose from, each with its benefits and unique features. We can add plastering of internal walls, laying floors and installation of electric sockets and lighting and more details if requested.

There are lots of finishing touches that make your new orangery space complete. On completion, we may ask you to fill in a short set of customer satisfaction questions for us. We want every Tyneside Home Improvements customer to be delighted.

We get compliments about our work, our attentive service and punctual installation teams. If you want an orangery home improvement and you live within the South Shields area, then get in touch.


Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields bespoke driveways can contribute to the timeless elegance of your home exterior. Because our driveways are unique, you can choose the layout, style, colour and finish that you want.

You can update dull concrete, tarmac or flags with one of the ranges of resin bonded natural stones available throughout South Shields. Create a new solid surface to enhance your property and continue to look great for many years to come.

Decorative stone resin bound driveways are fantastically easy to maintain and hence a popular choice. Just a hose down is all that is needed. The British weather will generally wash away oil stains. However, detergent and warm water can help to minimise the risk of residual staining.

Find out more about the best long-lasting, practical and most cost-effective solution for your home driveways project. We install many unique driveways across South Shields and all surrounding areas of the North East.

There are many different colours, styles and textures to choose from at Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields. Our local expert team is happy to provide a free no-obligation home driveways and patios survey. Ensure that you have a good chat with us about exactly what you want to achieve.

Take a look at examples of our different local South Shields projects. Arrive at the best solution for your home exterior improvements, driveway, pathways or patios. Let us help you to match the right new surfaces for your home. You can choose from a range of materials, colours and finishes to meet all your requirements.

Perhaps you prefer to block pave? Maybe you’ve seen a particular coloured resin and stone drive that you like? Or if you want a specific style for the patio, then be sure to mention your ideas to us. There are so many options available from Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields that we are sure to be able to offer you the right solution.

Create the finish for your outside spaces that compliment your South Shields area house, garden, parking and pathway needs. Choose the new modern materials for your outdoor spaces that will last for many years to come.

We help you to renovate your old drive and any unused land that you might want to transform. Customers are thrilled when they can finally alter outside spaces to make new and useable areas for family and visitors.

A Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields team can design your welcoming driveway. Your visitors will remark on the improvements, and you will enjoy new practical spaces for your lifestyle demands. Whether you want new firmer smooth surfaces or a smart modern area to welcome visitors to park their cars, you can ask Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields.

Get in touch with our friendly team at Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields to answer any driveways, pathways and patio home improvements questions you might have.

Garage conversions

Create a stunning new home space with a smart garage conversion. The extra living space for you and your family has the added benefit of increasing the value of your home in South Shields.

Your new bespoke garage conversion from Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields team is a fantastic way to make the most of your cold and draughty garage. Transform it into a stunning additional room. Contact us about your garage conversion today.

At Tyneside Home Improvements , we know that a garage conversion is not only a great new way to make the most of your existing space. And it can also add value to your South Shields area home too! With careful thought and planning, we help you make sure you maximise your garage conversion opportunity.

Cars are getting wider, and garages are not big enough for both vehicle and storage. To realise the full value of a garage, many homeowners throughout the South Shields area have decided that a garage conversion is a great idea.

If your garage is full of long-forgotten items, why not have a good clear out? If your garage is attached to your house, talk to our South Shields expert garage conversion team about how to make the most of your underutilised space.

Adding extra square footage to your property can add value and a garage conversion could add 10% of the value of your home. The marvellous bonus from a garage conversion - rather than an extension - you gain the extra space you want without sacrificing any garden area.

Our South Shields garage conversion experts explain everything you need to know about converting your garage into a usable room. From the costs of adequate heating and plumbing choices to the required Building Regulations, our experienced South Shields team at Tyneside Home Improvements have the answers. So please double-check with your local authority if in doubt.

In most cases, a garage conversion falls under permitted development when you are not altering the structure of your property buildings. You will, however, need planning permission if your garage is listed. There might be some issues that you will need to check with your local authority. Some planning conditions apply to garages that state they are only for parking. Stand-alone garages often require a planning application for a change of use. We can guide you on how to apply to have conditions removed if your home is in South Shields or surrounding areas.

Our South Shields team customise your garage conversion for you. Make your changes according to your specific requirements and with your vision in mind. Allow us to help you create your dream space.

A new office, a modern bedroom or a second living room – what do you have in mind? To make the whole process hassle-free, plan every detail, including the finishing touches.

We work on thousands of successful garage conversion projects throughout South Shields and the North East. If you’re located in any area of South Shields, get in touch with our friendly advisers.

Conservatory roofs

Does your South Shields area home have a conservatory? Is your conservatory too hot during summer and very cold every winter because of the heat transfer through your conservatory roof?

If you want to use your South Shields home conservatory whatever the weather, you can switch to one of our tiled conservatory roof systems. Transform your conservatory into a modern room that is comfortable for you and your family to enjoy all year round.

Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields tiled conservatory roofs are designed to retrofit onto your existing conservatory frames. Add functional new living space to your conservatory. If you live in South Shields or any of the surrounding areas we are happy to help.

Your new tiled conservatory roof can provide a range of incredible benefits for you. If you live in South Shields, you can ask about the thousands of Tyneside Home Improvements happy customers who already enjoy their upgraded conservatories.

Discover for yourself the amazing insulation properties of the light roof tiles available from us for your conservatory roof. Extreme temperature fluctuations can become a thing of the past. And you’ll love the potential savings the new conservatory roof offers you.

Our customers in South Shields and other areas of the North East also love the way that their new conservatory roof cuts down on external ambient noises. Minimise the disruption from outside with the better sound insulation. A new conservatory roof cuts down the noise from the wind and the rain.

Talk to Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields about customising the roof system tiles and roof frame to fit on your conservatory style. Every conservatory is unique. Every roof that we supply and install is bespoke. We tailor the roof system to your exact conservatory roofing requirement.

Perhaps your conservatory roof leaks or you have experienced a leaking conservatory roof in the past — no need to worry. Working with Tyneside Home Improvements , you are working with the SupaLite roofing system "National Installer of The Year" for six years running.

Choose the roof style that suits you. Choose tiles or slate colours to match your existing fascias, soffits and gutters. Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields expert team can also fit large roof vents to allow maximum light into your conservatory. The roof vents come with all the SupaLite guaranteed insulation properties.

Our Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields expert team fit your SupaLite roof in just a few days. We can plan the installation time with you to minimise the disruption for you.

Customise your SupaLite tiled roof with Tyneside Home Improvements South Shields. Make your conservatory a unique space with your choice of tiles and slate colour, new fascias and gutters too as required. Upgrade your conservatory to suit you. Make your home a true reflection of your dream design and conservatory living requirements.

We cover South Shields and all local areas. Become another one of the many Tyneside Home Improvements happy customers. Start to enjoy your upgraded conservatory roof.



Whatever your roofing needs, our experienced team is here to help

With over 10 years of roofing projects under our belt, Tyneside Home Improvements is on hand to advise and guide you through every step of the process. We have served 1000's of customers throughout the North East and our exceptional customer service, attention to detail and professional standards makes us one of the leading companies for your roofing solutions.

House Roofing

A house roof from Tyneside Home Improvements will give you peace of mind and great value for money, as well as ensuring your home is warm, secure and water resistant. As the first part of the house to suffer the brunt of any weather, roofs must be as good at dealing with the heat as they are at keeping out the cold and rain.

Fitted by Tyneside Home Improvements’ expert team, each roof tile is laid with care, skill and attention. You can also be safe in the knowledge that your new roof tiles’ insulating properties will start reducing your heating bills, saving you money from the first day of completion.

GRP Roofing

Glass Reinforced Polyester roofing (GRP) is a flat roofing system. Our fibreglass system only needs to be laid once to last a lifetime. GRP roofs are incredibly quick to fit and feature no joins - meaning they are 100% waterproof from day one.

Our GRP flat fibreglass roofing systems are robust and available in a range of finishes, providing an aesthetically pleasing and practical option for your home. Non-slip finishes are also available, perfectly suited for balconies and roofs that have foot traffic.


Firestone Rubber Roofing

A Firestone rubber roof offers a sustainable, long-lasting rooftop from a single-ply membrane, giving you a waterproof roof for years to come.

With a life expectancy of at least 50 years, Firestone rubber roofs are built to last, deflecting even the worst our weather can conjure up. They are also a flexible and practical choice, providing an excellent combination of value and performance.


Fascia Boards and Soffits

Our range of fascia boards and soffits give your home the vital protection it needs, ensuring your roof space stays dry and well-ventilated - installed with our trademark quality and professionalism.

Fascias and soffits are an integral part of your roof system.

House Extension

House Extension

A house extension from Tyneside Home Improvements has helped many South Shields households add extra space and extra value to their home - creating dream homes across the region; give us a call and find your extra today.  No matter if your extension is a few feet or a substantial addition, every project gets the same attention to detail. Our skilled, qualified team of time-served tradesman and architects are on-hand to design and build single or double-storey extensions to your exact requirements. We will always ensure we fully understand your requirements. From the initial consultation to the final sign-off, we'll guide you through the design and planning in a clear and precise manner, so you're always in the know, offering our expert advice throughout.

Our attention to detail and intelligent purchasing enables us to keep all costs to a minimum, meaning you get both the best value for money and the highest quality result. Every house extension project is carried out with the greatest care and attention to detail, by our fully accredited, expert team



A Skypod from Tyneside Home Improvements is an energy saving skylight that will turn any flat roof into a luxurious and contemporary design feature.

With their stylish and sleek appearance, Skypods will brighten up and transform any property – regardless of shape or size. A skypod can be installed to an existing conservatory, orangery or flat roof.

Skypods help you incorporate depth and light to even the smallest of rooms and, with their sleek designs, provide an instant uplift to any room. Designed to look and feel modern, the absence of any crestings or finials on the Skypod roof provides completely uninterrupted sight lines, flooding your home with natural light.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass fromTyneside Home Improvements is the clean, no-fuss option to give your outdoor space a polished edge turf out the old and roll in the new. Fake, or artificial, grass is quickly becoming the perfect way to finish your outdoor space. Whether you're looking for an all-weather play area, a low maintenance garden to enjoy at home, an attractive outdoor space to relax with the family or an easy-clean area for your four legged friends, we have a range to suit any project. 

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