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The Modern Approach to Conservatories: Benefits of SupaLite Roofs

January 8, 2024|News

Conservatories, despite being one of the most common types of home extension, have fallen in and out of favour over the decades.

While benefits such as maximal natural light and extra living space helped popularise conservatories in the 1980s and 1990s, polycarbonate conservatory roofs caused problems such as thermal inefficiency and leaks, causing these spaces to become unloved and neglected.

However, thanks to the benefits of modern materials that offer heightened performance, the home improvement market has seen a resurgence of conservatories amongst homeowners in recent years.

And that’s where the SupaLite Roof comes in!

What is a SupaLite Roof?

One of the very best conservatory roof systems on the market, SupaLite roofs offer a modern approach to conservatories for UK homeowners.

Made with modern materials, this type of roof is a solid (rather than glazed) roof system, which comes with many benefits – as you’ll see below!

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Can SupaLite roofs be used on an old conservatory?

The SupaLite roof isn’t just for homeowners looking to add a newbuild extension.

For those looking to modernise their existing conservatory, the SupaLite roof can be retrofitted to your space, providing the existing structure is in good condition.

This will not only enhance the aesthetics of your conservatory but also dramatically improve its thermal efficiency and ensure that it is a comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining.

What are the benefits of a tiled SupaLite roof?

The SupaLite system is incredibly popular – but why is this? What makes the SupaLite roof system perfect for those looking to modernise their conservatory?


A space that stays comfortable in any season

One of the reasons Supalite roofs are so popular is that they offer excellent thermal efficiency, keeping your conservatory comfortable in every season.

In previous decades, many conservatories were roofed with either single-glazing or polycarbonate tiles, which offered poor insulation from the weather. This led to extreme temperatures and costly energy bills.

The SupaLite roof, however, is crafted with lightweight but exceptionally insulating modern materials, meaning that it will help your conservatory retain heat in the colder months and stay cool even in the height of summer.

No longer will your conservatory remain unused in the winter and summer – the SupaLite roof ensures you can use your thermally efficient space all year round!

Elegant aesthetics for your conservatory

While many still prefer the traditional appearance of glazed conservatory roofs, many modern homeowners are looking for a way to incorporate a more contemporary style into their conservatory area.

The SupaLite roof, a solid tiled system, not only brings modern sophistication and exceptional durability to existing conservatories, but it also looks fantastic on modern conservatory styles such as lean-to. Its versatility means that Supalite roofs can bring modern aesthetics that blend seamlessly with any architectural style.

Modern solutions for condensation prevention

Reducing condensation is crucial in ensuring that your space will remain comfortable. Excess condensation leads to mould, which can have adverse health effects as well as exacerbate existing health conditions such as asthma.

To prevent condensation, the SupaLite roof contains an 11mm OSB3 board covered by a fully breathable membrane to ensure air flow and prevent build-up of moisture. The roof itself also has a low water absorption.

Customiseable colour and slate options to suit any home

The SupaLite tiled conservatory roof comes with a range of colour options and two different types of roof tiles.

Extralight Tiles (available in Charcoal, Ember, or Walnut) offer an extremely light tile option that allows for speedy installation and a modern look. Tapco Slate tiles (available in Chestnut Brown, Pewter Grey, Brick Red, Stone Black, and Plum) offer a traditional look that brings classic charm to historic and contemporary homes alike.

These customiseable options allow homeowners to reflect their individual style in their SupaLite roof, and, with such a wide range to choose from, there is something to suit every home and taste.

How much do SupaLite roofs cost?

The final cost of a SupaLite conservatory roof will depend on the size, complexity of design and whether it is being installed on a newbuild conservatory or retrofitted onto an existing space.

However, it’s also important to remember that, thanks to the high performance of the materials used, the SupaLite roof could help you save money on your energy bills and even increase the value of your home!

SupaLite conservatory roof installation from Tyneside Home Improvements

Looking for a SupaLite Roof for your conservatory or orangery? With over 30 years of experience, we’re an installation company that you can trust is up to the task.

We understand that undertaking any home improvement project can be daunting, but our friendly team at Tyneside Home Improvements has all of the skills and expertise to make the process stress-free and simple. Our installers are on hand to deliver a high quality finish with minimal disruption to you and your home.

Our installers can help you navigate each step of your project: get in touch today

We can help you navigate any building regulations, planning permission requirements and choose the perfect SupaLite conservatory roof for you. We can incorporate the popular Skyvista glass panels for those looking for a bit more natural light, and you can also add optional extras like vents, exterior flashing, and customised spotlights for a truly bespoke tiled roof.

To get a free, no-obligation quote, call us today on 0191 489 5063 or fill in a contact form online!

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