Get up to 30% off a new conservatory roof replacement
Keep your house warm and eliminate draughts with our extensive range of windows.
Expand your living space with a bright and airy conservatory extension. Get up to 30% off a new conservatory
Discover our range of doors to create the perfect dream home look.
Get up to 30% off a stunning orangery with a modern feel and contemporary twist
From block paving, resin drives to patios, transform your outdoor space with Tyneside Home Improvements.
Make the most of a low maintenance garden, get up to 30% off artificial grass
A house roof from us will give you peace of mind and great value for money, as well as ensuring your home is warm, secure and water resistant.
Aluminium windows give high strength and durability. The thin frames have a sleek appearance to allow more light into your home. 

Tyneside Home Improvements in Sunderland

With over 10 years of projects under our belt, at Tyneside Home Improvements we pride ourselves on offering expert guidance and quality craftsmanship.

From the simplest job to the biggest home improvement project, we have served 1000's of customers throughout the North East. Our exceptional customer service, attention to detail and professional standard of work makes us a fantastic choice.

​We have a wide variety of options to choose from, all secure, stylish and designed to help enhance the style of your home. Discover bellow our range of services that will help you create the perfect dream Sunderland area home look.



Windows in Sunderland

Our extensive range ensures there really is something to suit every home, whatever your preference. Our expert team of advisors will guide you to find your perfect windows.

Keep your house warm and eliminate draughts

All of our double glazing windows are A-Rated, with our triple glazing windows rated A++ for even better energy efficiency in your home. Our windows are designed to prevent heat from escaping and reflect it back inside the room to keep your home warm, reducing your energy bills and saving money on heating costs.

Keep your home safe and secure

All of our windows are rigorously tested to make sure that they are safe and secure, going above and beyond British Standards to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible. The window systems installed by Tyneside Home Improvements are designed to withstand break-in attempts so that you and your family can feel safe and secure in your own home.

Reduce outside noise

All of our double and triple glazed windows are bespoke and made-to-measure for your home, ensuring a perfect fit. This attention to detail ensures that as well as staying warm and secure, the windows reduce outside noise, particularly useful if you live in a noisy area or by busy roads.

Aluminium windows in Sunderland

Customers buy aluminium windows with confidence throughout Sunderland when quality manufacture is guaranteed. Aluminium windows give high strength and durability. The thin frames have a sleek appearance to allow more light into your home. The powder-coated aluminium is also low maintenance. A simple wipe down is all you need.  Aluminium windows are a perfect choice for durable windows that never rot, rust, or flake. Each aluminium window is rigorously tested to guarantee the very best of quality, security and ease of opening. Our stylish, powder-coated aluminium window frames are available throughout Sunderland in a wide range of colours. You can find the right shade to suit your home exterior and personal interior style.


UPVC windows in Sunderland

Best-selling UPVC windows in Sunderland do much more than keeping homes warm and weatherproof. A wide variety of windows shapes and sizes offers you the best choices to match your property and style. There are many different colour options and frame choices. The security features locking mechanisms with durable hardware. Discover why customers buy with confidence from us throughout the Sunderland area.  Built to last and to industry BSI standards, you start to understand why Tyneside Home Improvements Sunderland UPVC windows are so popular. Experts make what we think are the best windows and doors available. The right UPVC  acrylics and stabilisers stand up to weather conditions. With security, durability and great looking windows, you get the feel-good factor.


Doors in Sunderland

Our award-winning team is fitting stunning, secure and stylish bespoke doors throughout Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, South Shields, Teesside, Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

​We have a wide variety of options to choose from, all secure, stylish and designed to help enhance the style of your home. Discover a range of new doors to create the perfect dream Sunderland area home look.

  • Composite Doors in Sunderland

Composite Doors are smart and practical. For the perfect new look to your outside space and a warm welcome at your front door, you can find lots of designs to fit your property. The vast range of colour options complements your personality and interior design. Everything from appearance, to value and security, are all important. Every one of our customers in the Sunderland area makes their own unique decision about the door panels and glazing choice. Get the design, survey and installation of your new composite doors to the highest standards.

Arrive at your best new composite door decisions with us. If your property is in and around Sunderland, we can arrange to visit. Start to visualise exactly how your new composite bespoke doors will look.

  • Bi-fold Doors in Sunderland

Add value to your Sunderland area property when you treat yourself to one of our magnificent luxury bi-fold doors. Put finishing touches on a new look to make your home space feel special. Open up the views to your outside spaces with uninterrupted vista. Choose to use your bi-fold doors between rooms for clever space design.

Sunderland customers know the extra value you can get from well-designed bi-fold doors, built from quality materials. Ask about our product guarantees. And of course, find out more about the energy efficiency of our top-grade glazing. Heat retention and acoustic ratings are an equally important consideration.

  • French Patio Doors in Sunderland

For a timeless design to suit your property in Sunderland, choose UPVC French Doors. Consider these firm favourites for a good reason. Homeowners and builders like the attractive double doors. These doors look the part, and the design is practical to make, to fit and to operate. Open up the living areas of your home to the area outside with classic French patio doors. Our UPVC French door and composite doors range is very versatile. There are many different style and configuration options.




Conservatories  in Sunderland

A bespoke conservatory will not only add value to your home in Sunderland, but it will create a stunning contemporary new space, that is specifically designed and built to be enjoyed every day of the year.  

A conservatory extension doesn’t typically require a planning permission and can fulfil a wide variety of purposes, from living room or dining room to a kitchen extension or a bright and airy kids play area. 

Our glass roof conservatories come with industry-leading insulated intelligent glass, which will reduce sun glare and heat transfer in the summer, while maximising heat retention in the winter. 

If you opt for a tiled conservatory roof, you can create a stylish contemporary year-round sunroom that will perfectly blend with your house. 

You can create a truly luxurious living space, by adding a great choice of features, like ceiling-to-floor windows and Bi-fold glass doors. 

No matter how ambitious your ideas are, we’ll guide throughout the whole process, from initial planning and design to the completed installation. 

See below some of the beautiful conservatories we built for our happy customers in Sunderland.




Orangeries in Sunderland

Tyneside Home Improvements design and install bespoke contemporary orangeries with a timeless appeal and elegance across all of Sunderland.

Our custom orangeries are a cost-effective alternative to building a standard house extension and will bring versatility, style and plenty of natural light to your home. 



Drives in Sunderland

Ensure your home makes a great first impression, with a driveway that stands out from the crowd

Forget the hall, it is your driveway that is really the entrance to your home and the first chance to showcase your style to friends, family and neighbours alike. Our fantastic options for drives are not only smart and stylish but long-lasting, easy to fit and simple to maintain.

Our award-winning team have been building bespoke driveways and patios throughout Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Teesside, Northumberland and North Yorkshire. 


Garage conversions

Garage conversions in Sunderland

Is your garage working for you? With a Tyneside Home Improvements garage conversion you can add up to 20% extra living space to your home and increase its value by 10% - make better use of the space you have.

The average, standard single garage is approximately 150 sq ft - often that's not even big enough to house a family car. Instead of abandoning it to clutter and junk, why not let Tyneside Home Improvements transform the space into an attractive addition to your home – giving you more living space to enjoy.

Our team has completed garage conversions across the North East so whatever you need a little extra room for, our advisors are here and ready to help you create a unique space that works for you and your family.

A garage conversion can add:

20% extra living space to enjoy. It’s quicker and easier than building an extension or a loft conversion and cheaper than moving home.

10% more value to your home, often well above and beyond the cost of the conversion itself.

Endless possibilities for use, from an extra bedroom to an entertaining space, each garage conversion is completely unique and carried out according to your personal requirements.

Stop wasting space in your home and create a functional, useful extra living area with a stunning garage conversion. All of Tyneside Home Improvement's garage conversions are built to the highest specification:

  • Quick turnaround – Converting a garage is much quicker than building an extension or updating a loft     
  • Affordable – With our flexible finance options you could pay as little as £85 a month
  • Effective - Adding 20% additional space and 10% value to your home has never been so easy

Transform your garage into a brand new living space and give your home a new lease of life from only £85 per month. Our experienced, expert team will take care of everything from planning to completion, keeping disruption to a minimum and have transformed garages across the North East - including Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Teesside, Northumberland and North Yorkshire.



Conservatory roofs

Conservatory roofs in Sunderland

Is your conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Make the switch today to a tiled conservatory roof and enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Our SupaLite tiled conservatory roofing system has been designed to fit existing conservatory window frames, helping you keep cool in summer and warm in winter while maintaining levels of natural light.

Upgrade your old conservatory in Sunderland with a fully customisable tiled conservatory roof to create a modern comfortable living space, that you and your family can enjoy all year round.

If you are looking for a quality thermally efficient tiled conservatory roof replacement in Sunderland, then choose Tyneside Home Improvements to ensure a quick and easy installation process.

A tiled roof replacement from THI is a hassle-free solution to transform your conservatory into year-round stylish sunroom.  

There are a number of compelling reasons we think you should choose a tiled roof system for your conservatory in Sunderland

With amazing thermal efficiency quantities, a tiled roof will ensure your conservatory stays nice and cool in the summer, and warm and cosy in the winter. You can use your conservatory even in the coldest of months, while saving money on your heating bills. 

Our fully bespoke tiled roof will really compliment the appearance of your home, with an impressive range of colours, designs and finishes to choose from. 

Pick the tiles and slate colours, add large roof vents, vaulted ceilings and internal and external lighting to create a truly unique contemporary living space. 

Contact our expert team today to ensure a straightforward installation process and transform your conservatory into that ambient much needed extra room you can use every day of the year. 

Check below some of our amazing conservatory roof replacement projects! 






Roofing in Sunderland

Whatever your roofing needs, our experienced team is here to help

With over 10 years of roofing projects under our belt, Tyneside Home Improvements is on hand to advise and guide you through every step of the process. We have served 1000's of customers throughout the North East and our exceptional customer service, attention to detail and professional standards makes us one of the leading companies for your roofing solutions.

House Roofing

A house roof from Tyneside Home Improvements will give you peace of mind and great value for money, as well as ensuring your home is warm, secure and water resistant. As the first part of the house to suffer the brunt of any weather, roofs must be as good at dealing with the heat as they are at keeping out the cold and rain.

Fitted by Tyneside Home Improvements’ expert team, each roof tile is laid with care, skill and attention. You can also be safe in the knowledge that your new roof tiles’ insulating properties will start reducing your heating bills, saving you money from the first day of completion.



Glass Reinforced Polyester roofing (GRP) is a flat roofing system. Our fibreglass system only needs to be laid once to last a lifetime. GRP roofs are incredibly quick to fit and feature no joins - meaning they are 100% waterproof from day one.

Our GRP flat fibreglass roofing systems are robust and available in a range of finishes, providing an aesthetically pleasing and practical option for your home. Non-slip finishes are also available, perfectly suited for balconies and roofs that have foot traffic.



A Firestone rubber roof offers a sustainable, long-lasting rooftop from a single-ply membrane, giving you a waterproof roof for years to come.

With a life expectancy of at least 50 years, Firestone rubber roofs are built to last, deflecting even the worst our weather can conjure up. They are also a flexible and practical choice, providing an excellent combination of value and performance.


Fascia Boards and Soffits

Our range of fascia boards and soffits give your home the vital protection it needs, ensuring your roof space stays dry and well-ventilated - installed with our trademark quality and professionalism.

Fascias and soffits are an integral part of your roof system.





House Extension

House Extension - A house extension from  Tyneside Home Improvements has helped many Sunderland households add extra space and extra value to their home - creating dream homes across the region; give us a call and find your extra today.  No matter if your extension is a few feet or a substantial addition, every project gets the same attention to detail. Our skilled, qualified team of time-served tradesman and architects are on-hand to design and build single or double-storey extensions to your exact requirements. We will always ensure we fully understand your requirements. From the initial consultation to the final sign-off, we'll guide you through the design and planning in a clear and precise manner, so you're always in the know, offering our expert advice throughout.



  A Skypod from Tyneside Home Improvements is an energy saving skylight that will turn any flat roof into a luxurious and contemporary design feature. With their stylish and sleek appearance, Skypods will brighten up and transform any property – regardless of shape or size. A skypod can be installed to an existing conservatory, orangery or flat roof.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass from Tyneside Home Improvements is the clean, no-fuss option to give your outdoor space a polished edge; turf out the old and roll in the new. Fake, or artificial, grass is quickly becoming the perfect way to finish your outdoor space. Whether you're looking for an all-weather play area, a low maintenance garden to enjoy at home, an attractive outdoor space to relax with the family or an easy-clean area for your four legged friends, we have a range to suit any project. 

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