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How to Achieve Traditional Window Aesthetics with Modern Advantages

March 19, 2024|News

One fashion trend across society in 2024 has been a surge towards traditional aesthetics.

Whether it’s vintage clothing, throwback sports shirts, or conventional-looking home improvement products, we’re seeing an undoubted spike in demand for traditional visuals.

However, many will have reservations about installing traditional windows such as timber or wooden windows, due to their well-renowned issues such as requiring regular maintenance.

However, if you are looking for that perfect blend of traditional window aesthetics with the performance of modern-day materials, thanks to the latest technology we have the solutions for you at Tyneside Home Improvements.


What are traditional window aesthetics?

So far in 2024, we’re seeing more and more homeowners take an interest in traditional window aesthetics, which can often refer to the style of window, and colour or glazing options.

In centuries past, window frames were crafted from wood. This created an elegant, natural look, whilst even being a status symbol of wealth. There’s no doubt about it, they’re beautiful.

Those traditional windows often adhere to balanced proportions, with equal-sized panes and frames creating a real sense of order and formality.

Regarding style, they were often sliding sash windows or traditional casement windows.

Why aren’t traditional timber windows practical in 2024?

There are a host of reasons why traditional timber windows got overtaken in the market by modern, practical alternatives.

They’re not weather-resistant

Timber is a natural material that is susceptible to the elements.

Whilst the grain and colour undoubtedly make for a beautiful sight, it can rot over time as moisture traps itself in the frame, weakening it and compromising your window’s integrity.

It’s also vulnerable in hot conditions, as the sunlight can cause the wood to crack, again allowing entry points for moisture.

Insects can also threaten the wooden frames.


Regular maintenance

When timber does get negatively affected by the weather, it needs repairing which costs time and money.

This often involves preparation by scraping, sanding, and cleaning the existing paint, which is a time-consuming and messy task.

Then it’s a case of repainting, applying multiple layers of high-quality paint which comes at a cost.


In the modern-day market, timber windows come in at a premium price point, especially compared to materials such as uPVC and aluminium.

This is due to several factors, one of which is manufacturing. Unlike mass-produced materials, timber windows require skilled craftsmanship, which requires more time and expertise.

Timber is also a natural resource that requires careful selection and processing, and it also usually comes from slow-growing trees which drives the cost up further.

These factors may leave you wishing you could achieve the beautiful aesthetics of a traditional timber window, but without these inconveniences – which you can with Tyneside Home Improvements uPVC!

The rise of uPVC

uPVC, or Unplastisiced Polyvinyl Chloride, is a type of plastic that has soared in popularity recently, particularly when it comes to window frames and doors. Here are a few reasons why.



uPVC is a strong, rigid material that unlike timber can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, and sunrays – this means it’s resistant to warping, rotting, and corrosion, making it a far better long-term option.

Low maintenance

As mentioned earlier, timber windows require a lot of regular repainting, which isn’t the case with uPVC.

All you’ll need to do is occasionally wipe the frames down with a damp cloth to maintain their sleek appearance.


You won’t find a more affordable window frame material than uPVC.

It’s cheaper than timber largely due to its ability to be produced in bulk, though this doesn’t mean it’s of lesser quality – it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to walk down any street in Newcastle, Sunderland, or Middlesbrough without seeing a uPVC window.

Energy efficient

Modern uPVC windows can be double or triple-glazed, with inert gas filling the space between the panes. This provides excellent insulation, helping reduce heating and cooling energy costs.


uPVC windows come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and finishes. You can find designs that complement any architectural style, and at Tyneside Home Improvements we even offer options that mimic the beautiful timber effect, with our Heritage Windows that we’ll explore below.


Heritage Windows – The best of both worlds

Our Heritage Windows have been carefully crafted to mimic the highly desired style of traditional window designs, using the benefits of modern materials and technology.

Made with uPVC and available in both sliding sash and flush sash styles, which are described below, they can be crafted using woodgrain finishes, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of timber windows without the hassle and constant maintenance.

Aesthetically they can complement or enhance the appearance of any property, be it a modern new build, or a period home, and can be installed in either double glazing or triple glazing.

This is because they can be installed in traditional colours and realistic woodgrain finishes such as Rosewood, Natural Oak, Mahogany, and many more that can be viewed here.

Of course, it’s not just about their appearance, as they boast all the benefits that come with new window materials. These include A-ratings for thermal performance, low maintenance, and modern security features!


Sliding sash windows

Sliding sash windows are a type of window with two sashes (frames containing panes of glass) that slide vertically up and down to open and close.

They are certainly a more classic window style having been around for centuries and are available as a Tyneside Home Improvement’s ‘Wood Effect Window.’

An elegant addition to any home, they also add A-rated energy performance as standard, smooth upward opening for easy air and light entry, and their woodgrain foils further complement the traditional look.

They are perfectly crafted to replicate the appearance of traditional wooden windows, offering the same classic look without the maintenance issues associated, such as rotting, painting, and more regular upkeep.


Flush sash windows

Our flush sash windows take this one step further, still offering the look of a traditional timber window, only with a sash that sits entirely flush within the frame.

This offers a sleek, smart appearance, one that looks at home in modern properties but is equally as attractive in traditional buildings too.

Just like our sash windows, they are engineered using our versatile and high-performance uPVC so you can enjoy low maintenance and the benefits of great energy efficiency.

They’re also incredibly secure, fitted with multi-point locking systems, providing multiple locking points along the frame.

About Tyneside Home Improvements

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This is on top of our popular conservatory, orangery, and Supalite roof ranges.

We’ve been trading in our local area of the North East since 2008, and our family-run team of experts are here to offer helpful advice to assist in making your dream become a reality.

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